Valuing artistic vision, craftsmanship and quality above all else, Mark Alexander is for those who appreciate an interior that is elegant and finely crafted, yet is relaxed and has the gift of feeling simple. 

Our fabrics and wallcoverings are not opulent or fussy, nor led by transient fashion, but are true to the natural materials from which they are made. The spirit of the brand tends towards a modern aesthetic. Its designs also possess an intrinsic quality that fits perfectly within an interior that appears to have artfully evolved.

For Mark Alexander, one of the essential qualities in design is simplicity; there is a richness to be found in paring down a design to its vital elements, in allowing the inherent quality of a textile to speak for itself. Mark Alexander’s fabrics enhance that richness through the use of the finest natural fibres, cashmere, mohair, silk, couture-quality lambswool, and a perpetual favourite, linen. The design studio, well versed in art and architecture, draws on diverse cultural and historical references, to create textiles that seek out that fine balance between authenticity and originality.

Our sophisticated colour palette is drawn from nature and traditional pigments; each design is coloured independently to suit the nature of the weave pattern or print, but there is a fluidity that runs through the colours integrating the collections.

With craftmanship and beautifully natural fibres always remaining at the heart of the brand, our approach to design is timeless. Our fabrics and wallcoverings whisper luxury.