Eclectic Launch

The spirit of the Mark Alexander brand tends towards a modern aesthetic, alongside a clear emphasis on provenance, creating textiles that have been crafted not just manufactured. Our designs possess an intrinsic beauty, fitting perfectly with a curated interior that appears to have evolved artfully over time.

Another part of our aesthetic is to create textiles that convey a sense of the well-travelled, the collected. Taking design cues from many cultural and historical references, perhaps through the inherent beauty of a natural material or a timeless technique gives an authenticity to entirely original designs.

These aspects of MA directed the creation of an eclectic but coherent range of prints, embroideries, jacquards and plains. Each design works beautifully individually or together - a botanical print with an embroidery or a délavé weave with a textured plain - allowing for multiple layers, without ever looking coordinated.

The use of natural textures, the sensitivity to the inspiration and the mastery of form are all distinctively Mark Alexander. Together, these fabrics create a cohesive and well-travelled story of ageless textiles.